Our Services


social media management

Are you looking to have more active social media accounts?  Do you not have the time to engage with followers?  Do you need more thematic photographs? Do you want to increase your followers? Looking to boost online sales via social media?  We can help you.  We offer a few packages to cater to your specific business needs and desired social media presence. All packages include our strategy for increasing followers and engagement and include customization options.


  • Regular posts per week on two social media platforms.

  • Response to comments

  • 1 hour of photography/consultation per month


  • Regular posts per week on two social media platforms

  • Responses to comments

  • 2 hours of photography + consultation per month


  • Regular posts per week on two social media platforms

  • Response to comments

  • 2 hours of photography

  • 1 hour business consultation

Business consulting 

You are opening a new business, stuck in a rut in your existing business, or you just need someone to help you make strategic decisions to meet your business goals.  We offer custom business-consulting packages that can provide you with the resources, tools, and you need to move forward with confidence.

Content Creation 

Whether you just need help coming up with blurbs for social media or if you're looking for creative visual and written content for your website, allow us to step in and help!  Our team has over 30 years combined in trained writing.

Public Relations 

You're opening a new business.  Or you're holding a big event.  Or maybe you're celebrating a noteworthy anniversary.  These are just a few of the reasons the media should know about it.  Let us create press releases and distribute them to our large media list.  We will contact the media direct and get you the press and coverage you deserve! 


Some people want to control their social media, but just don't have the photographic eye.  Or maybe you need some photos for your website. Whatever the need may be, we have a background in photography and the most up-to-date equipment to deliver.  We will provide you with all photos.

Website Management & Design

Starting a new company and need a website? Look no further. We work with various platforms - Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress, Shopify, Big Commerce, etc - to create a customized website for any type of business.

If you're currently a business owner, working the daily grind, it is tough to stay on top of your website.  Let us keep your cyber visitors updated and interested. Provide us with your information and desired changes, and we'll make sure your site is current, active, and presenting your business's story effectively.